Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wearable Realtime Slides

[slide deck removed due to image rights issues]
I think my Wearable Realtime lecture yesterday went really well! I tried to discuss both my enthusiasm for the potential of Glass in captioning and my many reservations about the success of the Glass initiative as a whole. Then I passed my unit around and captioned the question and answer portion live to Glass using Plover and Streamtext. People really seemed to get a kick out of it, which made me happy, because the audience at TechCon attracts relatively few captioners and CART providers; most people there are court reporters, videographers, and other legal services people. I tried putting in a bit of legal material where I could, but of course accessibility on Glass is my main focus, so it was encouraging to see that people who don't live and breathe captioning still found it interesting.

The two most relevant pictures from my talk:

These were taken in my hotel room using the Glass Vignette tool. Feel free to email me if you want the Streamtext settings I used. I got them from Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, a fellow Glass Explorer and Master of Public Health student at the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Hopefully the complete video of my talk will be online in a few weeks. I'll caption it and then post it here, so stay tuned!