Wednesday, December 8, 2010

StenoKnight Demo Video Getting Around

O'Malley Interpreters, an agency offering BSL interpreting, CART, captioning, and lipreading in the United Kingdom, has posted a clear and thorough explanation of CART on their website, including StenoKnight's own CART demonstration video, which you can see here and on my own demo page. I was hoping that this video would be helpful to other CART providers in explaining what CART looks like and how it works, and I'm happy to see that it is. Thanks, O'Malley, for spreading the word about CART and captioning; it's got a fairly low profile here, but from what I've heard it's even less well known in the UK. Good luck to you. And for all other CART providers, please feel free to use this video in any way that you like. Our biggest challenge as a service profession is lack of awareness, but I think we can begin to change that by boosting our visibility whenever possible, both on the internet and in our daily lives. CART consumers, you're of course also always welcome to use this video as a demonstration of what instant realtime verbatim transcription can do for you and other people with hearing loss. (And for kids, English language learners, people with ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorders; the list goes on.)

While I'm at it, a great place for providers and consumers to work together on CART and captioning advocacy is the Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning, otherwise known as the CCAC.

Consumers who join the CCAC are eligible for one hour of free CART per year from CCAC provider members. I've been a member for quite a while now and haven't gotten a chance to donate my free hour yet, so if you live in the New York City area or could use an hour of free remote CART, join today!


  1. Many thanks for your work Mirabai!
    Lauren, for the CCAC and all in the world who needs quality text to speak to us :-)

    p.s. We have a new CCAC blog also - cheers for the links!

  2. Congrats on your video spreading the word!!! I would practically kill for your realtime dictionary, lol.

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