Sunday, September 12, 2010

Demo page

The StenoKnight demo page is live! I go through the various display options I offer my clients -- laptop, tablet, ambulatory, remote, and projected -- with pictures and even this brand new video I recorded yesterday:

Sadly I wasn't able to show off my awesome steno editing tricks (I've got a series of macros, including an entire mixed case editing alphabet, that lets me navigate to errors, delete them, and then write in the correct word, all from my steno machine. I can also select and define entries, pluralize words, and insert punctuation, all without lifting my fingers from the steno keyboard. It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself, and incredibly useful. This is what a summer of boring transcription work will inspire a person to get good at!) because the screen capture software I use, Microsoft Expression Encoder, slows down my computer too much to let me move the cursor around in time to make my split-second edits. One of these days I'll look around for a less resource-hungry screen capture program, and then maybe I'll make a steno editing tutorial screencast.

All that aside, though, I think the video is a good demonstration of the service my CART clients receive in the classroom. Special props to the amazing MIT Open Course Ware Project, which is where I got the audio. It's an inspiring thing, and if my schedule ever gets slow, I'm planning to take some of their free online courses. I'm always thrilled whenever one of my clients takes a science class, because it's a subject I love but which I've never gotten to study as much as I'd like to. I took three years of science in college, but it was of a very specific and peculiar sort, which focused on the history of scientific thought rather than actual modern science.

I've got a few extra photos that I wasn't able to use on the demo page, since it was intended to be just a basic overview for clients. Pretty soon I'll put together a blog post that gets into the geekier details of what I keep in my bag, the big sticker on the back of my laptop and why I put it there, and possibly some more pictures from other public events I've CARTed. This week's going to be busy, though -- on top of my regularly scheduled 28 hours of weekly CART work, I've got a three-hour per diem job on Tuesday, an extra two-hour CART job on Thursday, and I'm previewing a play Thursday night (whose script I have to prep some time before then) to caption on Sunday. Phew! So I might wait until the next week to get started on the equipment geek-out post.

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