Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Captioning That Keith Wann Show Tonight

Ever wanted to see live streaming CART from the convenience of your own computer? Every Wednesday night at 8pm EST, it's as simple as going to, where I'll be live captioning That Keith Wann Show: Cultural Bridges. You can also log into the chat room and kibbitz/heckle/comment on the proceedings with other caption viewers, who run the gamut from Deaf to late deafened to hard of hearing to Hearing to CODA to interpreter to you name it! Tonight's show features interviews with Peter Cook and Arlene Malinowski: Two performers, one Deaf and one CODA. It should be great, so tune in with captioning, audio, or both!

Oh, and just in case you've never heard of the legendary Keith Wann, here's a sample of his comedy act:

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