Monday, August 16, 2010

StenoKnight Blog Services

Yep, it's me, Mirabai Knight, Certified CART Provider, sole proprietor of StenoKnight CART Services. I've been in business providing realtime captioning for Deaf and hard of hearing students and professionals for over three years now. I've had a website for nearly that long, a Twitter account since the beginning of last summer, and a blog for Plover, the open source steno program I'm currently developing, active since 2008. Why start yet another internet outlet, along with the Facebook page and the LinkedIn profile and all the other mandatory outposts any business owner's obliged to plant their flag on these days?

Well, because I've got more to say than I can say in 140 characters, and I prefer a straight-up public blog format to say it in. In this blog, I plan to talk about my daily life as a CART provider in New York City: How I find and manage the work I do, communicate with my clients and the Deaf/hard of hearing community, promote my business, manage my steno dictionary, learn ASL, and keep an eye on my money. CART is my dream career, a way to be a perpetual student and a fly on the wall in a variety of fascinating settings. It's also a seasonal job with no benefits, no hand-holding, and no guaranteed schedule from semester to semester. I've managed to support myself and my partner for three years now in one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it's taken a lot of work, luck, and strategy. I'll talk about where I see things heading in the future, both for myself and for my fellow CART providers, and I'll offer some advice to steno students and court reporters interested in going into CART. I'll also probably geek out about the various gadgets and web apps I use in the course of my day, and offer opinions on plenty of other peripherally related topics, such as how to lug a 26-pound bag up three flights of subway stairs and how coworking saved my home life. Stay tuned!


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