Monday, April 13, 2015

Article on Captioning at SRCCON

Erika Owens has written a fantastic article for Open News on captioning at SRCCON last summer (which is rather less "gee-willikers" in tone than the one posted on in August), and it stands alongside Lindsey Kuper's article Your Next Tech Conference Should Have Realtime Captioning as a beautiful explanation by a non-captioner of why captions are so great for a huge swath of conference attendees -- not just those who self-identify as deaf or hard of hearing.

I didn't get to provide captions for SRCCON last year, but the response to Norma and Stan's captions was so overwhelmingly positive that it looks like they'll be captioning it again this year, and I'm really hoping my schedule will allow me to come and help them out! I love seeing the momentum build for tech conference captioning. It seems like whenever it's offered at one conference, it kicks off a chain reaction in audiences and organizers alike. Perhaps in the future it'll just be de rigueur, and anyone who wants to attend or speak at a conference -- whatever their language fluency or hearing status -- will have it freely available to them without any effort on their part. Here's hoping!


  1. I hope you are right about the chain reaction :)


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  3. I didn't get the chance to give inscriptions to SRCCON a year ago, however the Auto Repair Services reaction to Norma and Stan's. I love seeing the energy work for tech gathering inscribing. There are another gitbook slides and a screencast youtube video, for the SRCCON'17 opened inscriptions commented on article meeting.

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